The Passion Behind our Orthodontic Services

At Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics, we are fueled by our commitment to treat our patients like family and provide exceptional orthodontic services. From your very first visit to your final retainer check, we strive to transform lives with healthy and beautiful smiles.

We exist to provide you with the highest level of patient care and the widest variety of options available in orthodontics. We do this by integrating the latest technology and treatment techniques into our practice and by getting to know our patients on a personal level. This approach allows us to create customized treatment plans that give each patient a beautiful smile and newfound confidence in life.

Your smile transformation is a journey, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Where Patients are Considered Family

We pride ourselves on making each person who comes through our doors feel welcome, informed and supported through their orthodontic journey. We welcome each patient with a friendly smile, relaxed and comfortable environment and even a warm chocolate chip cookie and/or fresh coffee.

We treat our patients like family, getting to know you on a personal level, supporting your accomplishments, and celebrating life’s big moments all while accommodating your orthodontic needs. Our doctors customize every treatment plan to accommodate lifestyle requests, such as removing braces for someone’s wedding day or coordinating with your dentist to get a filling while wearing braces.

We are not a revolving door. Rather, we take extra time with each of our patients and guests and create long-lasting friendships in the process.

Elevating the Standard of Patient Care

Our state-of-the-art technology paired with our exceptional services allows us to provide the most advanced options to straighten your teeth into the most aesthetic and functional smile. Our doctors’ expertise allows them to create customized treatment plans with the goal of achieving a protective bite for each and every patient.

We are the #1 providers of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in the state of Indiana. Our doctors have the highest level of Invisalign training and continue to be innovative in their treatment options. We thoroughly explain the difference between traditional braces and Invisalign to each patient, giving you the option to choose what is best for your lifestyle.

Our goals and treatment plans offer long-term solutions, so that you can keep your straight and beautiful smile for a lifetime. We give you confidence in your smile by staying dedicated to providing exceptional care and improving the quality of life for all our patients.

Dedication to Improving Your Quality of Life

We are committed to improving your quality of life — not only with a healthy, beautiful smile, but also by offering orthodontic care that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

We are committed to making your orthodontic journey as seamless as possible. With seven offices across Central Indiana, we provide convenient access for you and your family — remaining always accessible via phone, email and website. We also ensure that your check-in process and appointments are smooth, informative and comfortable, and our advancements in technology allow you to visit our office less frequently — reducing days missed at school or work.

Plus, our free consultations and customized payment plans remove any barriers to receiving the orthodontic services you and/or your children deserve.


Over 650 5-Star Reviews

  • Joyce Eggleston Avatar
    Joyce Eggleston

    This 64 year old had teeth that had begun to overlap in my adult years, which was attributed to having 4 good teeth removed as a child for "Crowded teeth". I waited to fund Invisalign until incurring no penalty for taking IRA funds, other than taxes. I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Jason Bunch by my dentist, Dr. Jack Nicewander. Dr. Bunch and his Carmel, IN office staff see numerous children... read more - 2 years ago

    Sharon H. Avatar
    Sharon H.

    This was my first visit/appointment with Gorman & Bunch. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. They were really concerned of my situation and explained details in a way that was understandable too me. Thanks for the great job and I highly recommend them. - 4 months ago

    Jessica B. Avatar
    Jessica B.

    WOW! If I could give Gorman & Bunch 10 stars, I would. As an adult going to an orthodontist to get Invisalign, I wasn't sure what to expect. They explained everything thoroughly from the beginning, and I am SO incredibly happy with the way my smile turned out. I felt comfortable, welcome, and they were FAST at each appointment - I never stayed longer than 45 minutes. Very organized, friendly, and easy! HIGHLY recommend!
    ALSO: During...
    read more
    - 5 months ago

  • Mallory L. Avatar
    Mallory L.

    First time visit today. Staff was so friendly and helpful! - 4 months ago

    Joanna S. Avatar
    Joanna S.

    Very friendly staff. The consultation was quick and efficient, plus school employees receive a 10% discount! - 3 months ago

    Sara J. Avatar
    Sara J.

    I love this place ! Such high energy from everyone. Everyone is super sweet . - 2 months ago

  • Cooper D. Avatar
    Cooper D.

    The Fishers office is AMAZING! I couldn’t recommend a better place orthodontics! - 1 month ago

    Christin B. Avatar
    Christin B.

    There were really friendly doctor Gorman explained very nice so showed us everything and what they were doing to do for my treatment - 5 months ago

    Sharon Hoover Avatar
    Sharon Hoover

    Amazing office! My daughter was home from college and had an orthodontic emergency. She was not a previous patient. Dr Moran was kind enough to see her. The entire staff was amazing. I would never go anywhere else! - 3 years ago

  • Grace C. Avatar
    Grace C.

    I LOVE the staff at G&B! They are very considerate of my busy schedule and are always a friendly face when I come to my appointments! Would recommend to anyone needing orthodontic work! - 5 months ago

    Hannah W. Avatar
    Hannah W.

    Angela was so wonderful! She took her time when applying my attachments and even asked the Orthodontist a question she was unsure of to make sure all the proper steps were being taken care of. I appreciated the kindness and overall care. I am so excited to see the progress over the next couple years! 🌞🌞 - 4 months ago

    Julie W. Avatar
    Julie W.

    Love the staff at Dr Gorman's office! They are all friendly and do a great job of making the patients feel welcome and at ease. They also are very knowledgeable and answer any questions. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else for orthodontic needs! - 6 months ago

  • Misty L. Avatar
    Misty L.

    My daughter just got her braces off today. The whole process has been a breeze and the results are amazing. Everyone was so nice and easy to work with too! - 5 months ago

    ANDREA W. Avatar

    The staff at Gorman & Bunch has been professional and fun. They have made one of those teenage experiences something to look forward to instead of something to dread. Thank you to the whole staff for providing a welcoming atmosphere. - 2 weeks ago

    Ruth P. Avatar
    Ruth P.

    This is the best place to go! Dr. Carly and her staff have made my daughter's smile beautiful. - 10 months ago

  • Lauren W. Avatar
    Lauren W.

    I would highly recommend. The whole team was so nice, welcoming, and helpful from the receptionist to the orthodontist. - 10 months ago

    Brittany M. Avatar
    Brittany M.

    Great place! Everyone is nice and helpful! Definitely worth the money for a beautiful smile! - 6 months ago

    Britni W. Avatar
    Britni W.

    Everyone I came in contact with today at Gorman & Bunch was very friendly and welcoming! Maribeth was so helpful and made the decision to get Invisalign simple ! - 4 months ago

  • Paula P. Avatar
    Paula P.

    The staff are knowledgeable and make you feel welcome. My teeth are looking great and I am amazed at the transformation so far! - 11 months ago

    Daniel S. Avatar
    Daniel S.

    Lindsey, Dawn, and the Doctor were incredible. I have recently just relocated from California. The treatment was absolutely so much better. Less invasive, no surgery, and no need for medal braces. I thank God that I found Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics. They have earned my respect and definitely my appreciation. - 1 week ago

    Mark Roberts Avatar
    Mark Roberts

    I love this office. The staff and Dr. Carly are great. I’m having amazing results with my program! I highly suggest it to any and everyone! - 11 months ago

  • Scott T. Avatar
    Scott T.

    Have just started working with the team at Gorman & Bunch and I'm very impressed. The team has done a great job of sharing and exploring all of the options available for our daughter and have provided guidance on ways for us to make the best treatment options. Looking forward to our continued journey with them. - 8 months ago

    Alyssa Lozier Avatar
    Alyssa Lozier

    Amazing experience all around. The staff is super friendly and Dr. Carly always makes my daughter feel comfortable with the work being done. We are thrilled with the progress we are seeing, and the customer service is always top notch. - 1 year ago

    Courtney Amos Avatar
    Courtney Amos

    Love this office! Helpful, professional, and knowledgeable doctor and staff. Haven’t had 1 issue with them. They’ve got their routine down pat. - 2 years ago

  • Angie B. Avatar
    Angie B.

    I took my son to Gorman and Bunch for a second opinion after our long time dentist told us he needed thousands of dollars of dental work and jaw surgery. The staff and specialist we saw were awesome all around. They answered all of our questions and gave detailed explanation for the treatment plan (which did NOT include thousands of dollars of dental work and jaw surgery). I can’t say enough good things about this office. - 1 month ago

    Margaret B. Avatar
    Margaret B.

    I cannot express enough how happy I am with the transformation of my daughter's teeth and her smile. The staff are so friendly and professional. They go above and beyond making their patients feel at ease. If you are on the fence with choosing an orthodontist, you will not be disappointed with Dr. Gorman and his staff!! - 5 months ago

    Ruth Perkins Avatar
    Ruth Perkins

    This is the best place to go! Dr. Carly and her staff have made my daughter's smile beautiful. - 10 months ago

  • Patrick May Avatar
    Patrick May

    I just started my first week with the Invisalign. The staff has been extremely friendly and helpful through every step.

    Dr Carly’s initial evaluation of my case was extremely thorough and the options were explained in detail to help make an informed decision.

    They’ve certainly exceeded my expectation and from the looks of it, they do a great job with their younger patients as well!
    - 1 year ago

    Mark R. Avatar
    Mark R.

    I love this office. The staff and Dr. Carly are great. I’m having amazing results with my program! I highly suggest it to any and everyone! - 11 months ago

    Judy W. Avatar
    Judy W.

    Gorman & Bunch offers great care to their patients! My daughter and I highly recommend them for all of your orthodontic needs! - 3 months ago