Getting traditional braces is a rite of passage for many adults, teens, and children. It’s the start of their journey toward a beautiful, healthy smile! While getting braces is exciting for many kids, it’s important to properly prepare them for the process. There’s one question we commonly hear from children: how long does it take to get braces?

Today, we’ll break down the amount of time the appointment requires, in addition to providing an overview of the process.

How Long it Takes to Get Traditional Braces

First things first: traditional braces consist of metal brackets that are connected by a thin archwire. In regard to how long it takes to get braces, the actual application appointment usually takes about an hour for most patients.

At the appointment, one of our orthodontists will apply the brackets and wire to the teeth, which work together to push and pull teeth into the right alignment. The archwire uses ligatures (also known as elastics and o-rings) to connect to the brackets.

The elastics come in all kinds of fun colors that you can swap out at each appointment. Need some help selecting the right colors? Check out our blog post to find out what your braces colors may say about you!

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Bone Remodeling Timeline

The initial application may only take about an hour, but the real magic takes place after the appointment. Through a process called bone remodeling, braces apply constant, gentle pressure against your teeth to encourage your bones to begin adapting and ultimately holding your teeth in their new alignment for the rest of your life.

Once your orthodontist determines that your teeth have moved into the correct spot, we give you retainers to hold the teeth in place while the bone tissue around your teeth and jaws fully adapts to the new tooth positions. With proper retainer wear, your new and improved smile will last you a lifetime!

It typically takes 3-5 days for the bone remodeling process to start once your traditional braces are in place. There may be some soreness in the first few days or even weeks as your teeth and jaw adjust to the new pressure inside your mouth. After the process gets started, it will take about three months to begin remodeling the bone, and it typically takes 1-3 years to fully stabilize the new bone and build your new smile.

Curious about all the ins and outs of how we put braces on? Read this blog post for all the details!

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