7 Reasons Your 7-Year-Old Should See a Pediatric Orthodontist

May 17, 2018
J. Courtney Gorman, DDS, MS

While seven years old may seem too young to start orthodontic treatment, it is the perfect age for an initial consultation with a pediatric orthodontist. Not only does the American Association of Orthodontists recommend that age to make your first appointment, we also believe it’s the right time to create a plan for a healthy orthodontic future.

Still not buying it? Consider these seven reasons for scheduling your first orthodontist appointment by age seven:

#1: Proactive Treatment by Pediatric Orthodontist

Seeing a pediatric orthodontist ensures the proper alignment of your child’s jaws — a more complicated process after the jaws and teeth have finished growing. Proactive treatment also helps to correct bad oral habits, guide permanent teeth into a more desirable position, improve appearance, and enhance self-esteem.

What You Need to Know When Looking for a Children’s Orthodontist

#2: The Emergence of Permanent Teeth

By age seven, your child most likely has enough permanent teeth for us to decide the need for orthodontic care and the best treatment options to consider.

#3: Catch Bad Habits Early.

Orthodontists are able to identify bad habits — such as thumb sucking — and the effects they have on your child’s teeth and mouth. Seeing an orthodontist at an early age can help prevent these bad habits from worsening and improve the orthodontic experience. Some bad habits, if left untreated, can lead to the need for future extractions or even jaw surgery.

#4: Less Invasive and More Cost Effective.

If your child starts orthodontic treatment from an early age, the treatment tends to be less invasive and more cost effective. Your child’s permanent teeth are still growing at this time, which means early orthodontic work can identify issues early and begin treatment before those issues worsen.

#5: Avoid Issues That Emerge From Adult Teeth.

There are some issues that are treated much more easily in childhood than adulthood. As permanent teeth are still coming in, orthodontists can identify how they are coming through the gums and evaluate if treatment is needed to properly allow permanent teeth to emerge.

#6: Make a Financial Plan for the Future.

Understanding all of your orthodontic options from an early age helps you budget for the future. Treatment plans could include different types of appliances at different stages, all requiring varying costs. Early orthodontic visits can set an orthodontic treatment plan that works within your financial limitations.

#7: More Favorable Long-Term Results.

The earlier you can identify orthodontic issues and start treatment, the better your results will be. If treatment begins before the jaw finishes growing, results are typically faster, cheaper and better overall. The best part? Proper orthodontic treatment improves your child’s personal appearance and, in may cases, boosts his or her self-confidence.

It is important to start orthodontic treatment early, in order to ensure a healthy smile that looks and feels good. Since our jaws grow at different rates, receiving an initial consultation will give you plenty of information for creating an effective treatment plan with your orthodontist.

Our team at Gorman and Bunch Orthodontics is committed to helping you achieve the healthiest smile possible. Schedule a free consultation today, and start your path to a happier smile. We look forward to hearing from you!


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