Try this today. Walk up to someone and give them your best smile. Now don’t go creeping them out, but just offer up a pleasant, toothy grin. See what you get back.

Most times, you’ll find that your smile produces another smile in that friend, family member, or stranger. And then that person offers up their smile to the next person they meet. Before you know it, you’ll see your smile begets many smiles.

Bringing Free Braces and Invisalign to Those in Need

Dr. Benjamin Burris recognized this phenomenon when he launched the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation in 2008. His hope was that if he could help create a healthy smile for a child whose family could not otherwise afford it, then that newfound smile would go on to produce multiple smiles in that child’s surrounding community.

And nine years later, the program continues doing just that throughout the U.S. and Canada—giving free braces, Invisalign treatment, and other orthodontic care to individuals with financial challenges, special situations, and orthodontic needs.

Offering Affordable Orthodontics to Central Indiana

The Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics practice first caught a glimpse of this grin of hope last year. Dr. Bunch, Dr. Gorman, and I all heard about the foundation while traveling on separate orthodontic training trips. When we returned, we couldn’t wait to tell the others what we’d discovered, only to find out that they had the same news to share. It was meant to be!

As we researched more about the foundation, we knew our practice needed to get Smile for a Lifetime to the greater Indianapolis area. And so in the fall of 2016, we launched the very first Central Indiana Smile for a Lifetime Chapter in our Carmel, Westfield, Kokomo, West Carmel/Zionsville, and Fishers offices.

Helping Families Who Can’t Afford the Cost of Orthodontics

What does that mean for you? Well, that depends on you and your particular needs. While we’d love to help everyone in need, we’re specifically able to serve those individuals who:

  • Fall between the ages of 11-19.
  • Live within one-hour driving distance of our Carmel, Westfield, Kokomo, West Carmel/Zionsville, or Fishers offices.
  • Do not have a family income that exceeds a threshold of 200% of the Federal Poverty Level Annual Gross.
  • Have a significant esthetic need for braces.
  • Agree to maintain good oral hygiene, follow the treatment plan, and arrive on time for all appointments.
  • Are currently enrolled in school with a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • Can complete 40 hours of community service during the treatment period.
  • Demonstrate regular participation in extracurricular activities.

Even if that doesn’t describe you, you may know someone in need of a healthy smile but without the funds to afford the cost of braces or Invisalign. If so, please find out more about the Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics Smile for a Lifetime Program, and then tell a friend or family member who could benefit.

Our Smile for a Lifetime Board of Directors will be reviewing and selecting our first recipients in April 2017, so don’t delay! And if you have any questions, please reach out to Heather Edwards at 317-867-1133.

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