Whether it’s investing in a time share property or buying cookies from the neighborhood Girl Scout Troop, we all like to know the final price tag before opening our wallets to pay for anything.

We know the same holds true when investing in Invisalign or any orthodontic treatment, and so we assembled the following info to help you know what you’d be biting off (pun intended) when choosing Invisalign treatment for your teenager, spouse, or yourself at Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics.

What Our Invisalign Treatment Includes

A number’s just a number until it’s attached to the promise of certain deliverables. And so before we dive into the cost of our Invisalign treatment, it’s important to know what you’d actually be paying for at any of our Indianapolis-area Gorman & Bunch Orthodontic Offices.

We’re proud to share that we lead the way in Invisalign treatment in Indiana. We’ve worked with kids and adults for more than 16 years, bringing smiles to over 1,100 patients. For most of those, the plan included anywhere between 5-10 total visits with a new set of aligners delivered every 12 weeks. And, on average, it took 12-24 months for our highly-qualified clinical assistants and doctors to transform their teeth and gums into a healthy smile, using a custom-made series of clear, removable aligners that gradually guide teeth into place.

Why You're Likely an Ideal Candidate for Invisalign Treatment

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Types of Patients Who Can Be Helped By Invisalign

We’ve used our Invisalign treatment to help teens and adults with all types of needs—not just basic or common needs. We’ve worked with patients who were experiencing overcrowding and open spacing, helped those with overbites and underbites, and treated those with deep bites and open bites. We’ve even worked with patients who have missing and impacted teeth.

The moral of the story? We believe that our extensive experience allows us to apply Invisalign treatment to almost any oral need.

How Much Invisalign Costs Our Patients

And now that you know the hows, whys, and whos, it’s time to explore the whats you and your wallet can expect.

As with any orthodontic treatment, there is no standard process for Invisalign. Each case we encounter looks drastically different than the last and requires its own unique game plan—based on such factors as our mutual goals, the intricacies involved, the length of treatment, available insurance coverage, etc.

With that said, we like to give our patients a choice in treatment options without the added stress of a difference in cost, and so we do not have an added fee for Invisalign versus traditional braces. Total treatment time takes an average of 12-24 months, due in part to Invisalign’s unique design and our patients’ commitment to regularly wearing their aligners.

Want to find out more about what your specific Invisalign treatment might cost? Schedule a complimentary consultation with any of doctors and be sure to ask about our payment plans and financing options.

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